Friday, April 22, 2011

Basement Feelings

A lot of the dreams I have are very vivid and follow some sort of logical story. A lot of them are nightmares. I wake up upset and anxious, some even ruin my whole day. Most of the time when I have a nightmare it's because, for some reason, I get over heated in my sleep. I wake up sweating, my clothes damp. This just started this year and I'm not really sure why.

This dream I awoke from crying:

Something was happening to the world. I suppose some sort of disaster was on it's way, a meteor, a pole shift, something like that. The whole place was up in arms, there were riots and mass hysteria. I was sitting on my roof, we didn't have any power. The sun was setting and I remember the sky was orange, but not orange because of the sun. My mother was sitting at my kitchen table and she was typing each of my brothers, my sister, and me a letter on an old-fashioned typewriter. Final goodbyes, a futile gesture of love before we all died a horrible death.

Day 3: Guilt

I have so much to feel guilty for. I don't even know where to begin. Backwards, forwards? Where does one guilt end and the next begin? Some things I've done I'll remember for the rest of my life. Things I did in the 4th grade for christ's sake. It's sick. And the older I get the worse the crimes committed become. The more things I learn I can do to people. The worse I feel. The question is, what do you feel guilty for?

In conclusion, Anna is having a horrible spring break and down comforters are really warm.

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